The survey provided data from over 1000+ Java EE developers and those responses were analyzed to create this report. We set out to discover:

  • What is more popular, Ant or Maven?
  • Which Java IDE is the most popular?
  • What Java EE standards are used the most?
  • Which Java Framework is most prevalent?
  • What Java Container / App Server is used the most?
  • How much development time is spent redeploying Java containers?

We asked the people we met at JavaOne 2010, emailed previous survey respondents and promoted the survey in the media. They were sent an email with the link to the survey and told they would be notified again once the results were made available. Participants were offered a chance to win free JRebel licenses and one recipient will receive an iPad once the final results are published.

A total of 1027 responses were analyzed to create this report. Of these, 28% are JRebel users – they were requested to provide data from before they were purchasers.

Find the data and analysis here: