IKAN ALM offers a secure and flexible process-centric application lifecycle management solution for both local and distributed development teams, and manages and automates SOA, Agile and traditional development processes. It complements existing version management tools by automating the complete software life-cycle management process, offering a single point of control and delivering support for your build, deploy, release and software life-cycle management and the associated approval processes. IKAN ALM helps reducing build complexity, solving complex deployment issues and accelerating release cycles.


A tailored life-cycle from development to production, including test and quality assurance, can be implemented, offering a comprehensive framework across all major platforms including Windows, UNIX, Linux and even z/0S mainframe systems.


Besides the rebrand from SCM4ALL, IKAN ALM 5.0 includes the following major enhancements:

  • Package-based Projects
  • Multiple Desktop Tab Pages
  • JIRA Issue Tracking Integration
  • Enhanced life-cycle flexibility
  • Possibility to display and disconnect connected users
  • New Approval overview
  • New Project History Log interface
  • + many more enhanced functionalities...


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