Logical Objects is proud to announce the General Availability (GA) Release of LogicalDOC 6.0.

LogicalDOC is a multiplatform Document Management System (DMS) reliable and scalable,
which can improve your business efficiency by helping you to manage, find and share documents.
Thanks to its elegant interface, LogicalDOC transforms complex operations into easy tasks.

The use of successful Open Source technologies such as GWT, Spring and Hibernate,
makes LogicalDOC flexible and suitable to the necessities of organizations of any importance and size.

Version 6.0 represents a milestone in the evolution of LogicalDOC.
The main change that everyone will notice immediately is the new Web interface now based on GWT (Google Web Toolkit).
The transition to this technology gives LogicalDOC a new modern look and feel,
along with improved performances and a cloud-oriented approach.

LogicalDOC is available in 2 flavours: Open Source Community Edition (CE) and Commercial Edition.
You can find them on the official product site: http://www.logicaldoc.com

Other additions include:
* Drag & Drop documents from PC desktop (Drop Spot)
* New Administration Statistics area
* Improvements in the preview of documents
* Improvements to search and indexing engines for higher quality search results
* Ability to edit documents directly from search results
* Decoupling of languages in the GUI and the indexing of documents
* Complete support for Arabic and Chinese languages
* Updated Web-service interfaces
* Better management of scheduled tasks
* Ability to perform multiple documents upload
* Microsoft Office integration (Add-In)
* Tags auto-completion
* Global Tags administration
* Improved the creation and management of Workflows

You can discuss issues in the user forum

For an overview of the new features, see the page at http://www.logicaldoc.com/product/whats-new.html