Bowler is a new RESTful Scala based web framework built on top of Scalate and Scalatra aiming to bring ease of development for multi-channel webapps applications (web, mobile web, REST API's).

One of the main features is more explicit separation between "Resource View" and "Layout", making multi-channel support easier and above all giving every Bowler application a "JSON API for free" without any extra work required. The aim of Bowler is to fuse the approachability and productivity of Rails and Play Framework with UI re-use and composability somewhere in between Apache Wicket Components/Panels and Lift Snippets, while adding its own little flavour and ideas.

The main purpose of the 0.1 release is to solicit feedback, ideas and contributions from the community, as well as getting the framework field tested by others than it's authors.

To read more, visit the Bowler website, have a look at the documentation and example code/application or get going with the quickstart.