During many phased of SDLC, there is a need to create hardware and software environments repeatedly to perform development, integration testing, system testing and user acceptance testing. This repeated deployment of hardware and software takes lot of time and eats into the bandwidth of today’s delivery organization to focus on the core responsibility of delivering tested application.Delivery organization also needs to provision and re-provision hardware and software for ever increasing requirements of development and testing in addition to the resources. Also, setting up of separate hardware and software takes time as well as prone to configuration errors. Plus, separate hardware installations consumes space which is at a premium.
Solution:The solution to above mentioned usage pain points is to setup private cloud. Eucalyptus, an open source private cloud provider provides software that can be deployed to setup private cloud within the organization’s internal premises.Eucalyptus is software that implements scalable IaaS-style private and hybrid clouds. Eucalyptus implements the Amazon Web Services (AWS) API which allows interoperability with existing AWS-compatible services and tools. You can read more here - http://itsitspace.blogspot.com/2011/01/easy-infrastructure-as-service-iaas.html