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News: Jease 1.7 - the Java powered CMS with Ease

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    • Jease is easy to install - all you need is Java and you are up and running in a minute.
    • Jease is easy to use - user-friendly desktop-like interface with full Ajax-support.
    • Jease is easy to extend - develop your designs or content-types with just a few lines of Java and HTML.

    The most notable feature of Jease 1.7 the introduction of a community requested content type called "Discussion". It allows you to add comments or discussions to your site. Just add a Discussion object everywhere you like and let your users discuss your content. In addition to the Discussion feature, Jease provides RSS- and ATOM-feeds for published News per default.

    Another new feature is the introduction of database-stored configuration parameters. This way almost all configuration parameters are moved from web.xml to the CMS where they can be edited directly through the web.

    Last but not least Jease 1.7 is bundled now with the recently released Tomcat 7 as default servlet container.

    You can find a list of detailed release notes and download here:

    If you want to take a test drive, have a look at the demo:

    Login/Password: demo/demo

  2. Is there a page that would compare this to other Open Source Java CMS offerings such as Jackrabbit and Alfresco?