So, you know the drill. All of the friends you went to high-school with see you driving around in your flashy sports car, living in your penthouse apartment overlooking the city's skyline, and just generally throwing your surplus cash around like you were a filming a gangsta-rap video for MTV, and they want to know how they can cash in on all of the glamour and fame that comes with the role of being an entry-level Java programmer as well. So, how does one do it? How does one get into the industry and get that first job as a Java programmer?

Well, Janeice Del Vecchio, a co-presenter at TSSJS 2011, has a bit of sage advice for the aspiring Java 'rock-star.' So, the next time someone wants to know how to get started on the path of money and fame, just send them here.

How to get started learning Java.


Janeice Del Vecchio, a graduate of Western Governors University's Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program, is an Oracle Certified Java Professional who is well known to the Java community through her participation as a bartender on JavaRanch. She also volunteers her time in the Beginning Java, Cattle Drive and General Computing forums. In collusion with Cameron McKenzie of Hibernate Made Easy and JSF Made Easy fame, Janeice will be co-presenting at TheServerSide Java Symposium on the subject of "What's New with JPA: 2.0 and Beyond?." 

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