SpringFuse is a Java code generator service able to reverse a database schema and generate an advanced CRUD web application.

Since last week, SpringFuse generates a new front end stack, leveraging JSF2, PrimeFaces 2.2 and Spring Web Flow 2.2.1

The generated application also uses: Spring 3.0.5, Spring Security 3.0.5, JPA 2 and bean validation.

Generating a project, running it and looking at the source code is a pretty efficient way to learn more about these technologies.

For more details and screenshots, read:

Generate JSF2, PrimeFaces and Spring Web Flow web application

To generate a project, follow the inscruction here:

SpringFuse quickstart

Do you like the result?

Would you use this front-end stack ?

Don't you think Spring Web Flow should be part of the JSF2 spec ?