After weeks of hard work db4o officially announces db4o Production Version 8.

db4o goes to the next level by:
- Making v7.12 the stable release
- v8.0 is now the official production version
- Introducing a brand new v8.1 which is now the development branch with the very latest db4o features.

v7.12 was introduced back in October 2009 and included many features such as performance statistics, proper OSGi bundles and the first incursion into Silverlight territory. This version is now mature and becomes the stable release suitable for rock solid embedded database scenarios.

Last month Versant pre-announced what was coming in v8: the db4o Replication System (dRS) now also provides synchronization with the "locomotive" of object databases: Versant Object Database (VOD). This allows for interesting scenarios such as replication to/from a device running db4o and an enterprise grade object store running VOD. And what's even better, in the process of supporting new synchronization endpoints dRS was improved substantially (e.g. handling of timestamps).

On the other hand Java ObjectManager (OMJ) users will be pleased to know that the latest db4o packages now provide the ability to pass custom configurations. db4o is still working on improving OM so you can browse, query and manipulate a db4o database via a nice GUI tool.

You can read all about it and try the new db4o version out via this page: