Vaadin turns 10 years old


News: Vaadin turns 10 years old

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    February 14:th, Vaadin turned ten years old. That's a respectable amount in the technology world and really an astonishing accomplishment. There's a lot of lessons learned on the way, and some interesting factoids not widely known.

    A blog post is up on Vaadin's site about this, summarizing the past 10 years in a concise way.

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  2. Respect...[ Go to top ]

    We use it internally - like it a lot. 10 years is indeed a big deal these days...



    Nikita Ivanov.

    GridGain Systems.

  3. Loved it.[ Go to top ]

    Vaadin , simplyfied most of my work.


    Thanks Vaadin.

  4. No thanks[ Go to top ]

    Failed ideas rehashed around pretty guis = pigs in a dress.

    Just run the demos when Vaadin's server or network is busy and it's glaringly obvious the veneer wears off and why taking advantage of the power of clients is a good thing.