Gosling's TSSJS (March 16th-18th) Keynote: Surfing the Currents of Change


News: Gosling's TSSJS (March 16th-18th) Keynote: Surfing the Currents of Change

  1. You can expect the unexpected in James Gosling's TSSJS 2011 keynote, "Surfing the Currents of Change."

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    Last year at this time, James Gosling was still gainfully employed, but not as an employee with fifteen years of seniority at Sun, but instead as a newly acquired employee of Oracle. But as we all know, all of that has changed. James is now an independent, or as he likes to describe himself, unemployed; and with the independence that elutes from his departure from Oracle comes a new level of freedom to speak openly and honestly about his history with Sun, his experiences with Oracle, the future of Java, and the potential impact various new companies and technologies will have on the enterprise computing landscape. In his keynote address at TSSJS 2011,you can bet on getting the real back-stories, technology nitty-gritty and his visionary take on the future of enterprise Java.

    James Gosling on "The Cloud"

    Gosling, the father of Java, will certainly be talking about cloud computing, the challenges of scale, and how the emergence of cloud computing will impact the Java platform; think “ubiquity.”

    Indeed, one of James' most interesting and controversial assertions is the manner in which cloud platforms and grid computing has the potential to completely change the corporate landscape in both the software and the hardware world. Does the ability to create powerful data grids mean an end to the demand for traditional super-computers? Will open source solutions and access to increasingly inexpensive Taiwanese hardware threaten the empires built by proprietary vendors of virtualization software?

    As Gosling said in his interview with basementcoders, the ability to 'sprinkle some virtualization dust' on the CPUs embedded in your teapot is making cheap and powerful computing centers a pervasive reality. Find out why the father of Java believes that "the cloud will change everything," and find out what you need to know to keep on top of the change curve.

    But, really, you can never predict exactly what James Gosling will say in his TSSJS 2011 keynote. James brings with him an unmatched history of experience, insight and awareness, and if you've ever heard James speak, you know how fascinating it is to watch him tie together abstract ideas and evolving trends that one never thought were inter-related.

    Why are "the Facebook guys kind of creepy?" What is our social responsibility to one another as the technology we create plays an increasingly greater part in our lives? And on a personal note, what does the future have in store for James himself? Come to TSSJS 2011 in Las Vegas and hear the father of Java opine on these very issues and more.

    Register for TSSJS 2011 in Las Vegas, March 16th-18th

    If you want an un-canned keynote from the most widely respected and sought after independent in the industry, get yourself to Las Vegas on March 16, 2011.

  2. I'm sure James will give a good keynote address, as usual.

    Anyone interested in meeting up at TSSJS in Las Vegas next week? Cameron, you coming?


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