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    I'm developping a web application that use hibernate, DAO(they are in a java project), web service(web project) and jsf(web project).

    My web service test works fine but when i try to call my interfaces to access the database i get this error : SOAPFaultException : facade/VehiculeFacade (note that facade is the package where VehiculeFacade is like an interface that hide the complexity of my POJO to the web service. It make CRUD operation more easy).

    Here is my configuration :


    hibernate 3 (but with xml mapping) 

    MySQL dataBase

    Jboss 6

    JAX-WS with JbossWS to generate web service classes


    Thank in advance for your help because i can't find a solution for my problem since 2 weeks.


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    Would be really hepfull if you could privide some callstack.