Obix Labs have announced release of version 1.1 of their popular performance/latency monitoring library Epsilon. It allows you to define performance criterion for your applications and to monitor these during the application’s lifetime. Its API is as simple as that of a common logger. Previously, although Epsilon provided the '@MonitoredByEpsilon' annotation, this could only be used in Spring applications. Version 1.1 of Epsilon now supports the use of this annotation on EJB methods.

Epsilon's features can be summarised as follows :

  •     EJB and Spring bean monitoring via annotations (@MonitoredByEpsilon)
  •     Support for monitoring aspects (Spring AOP / AspectJ)
  •     Statistics collection/persistence
  •     Lightweight and easy to use
  •     Performant
  •     Support for custom notifications, e.g. log alerts, email etc
  •     Easy to extend
  •     Free and open source

For more details, see the link: