HDPagination 1.3.1 was released


News: HDPagination 1.3.1 was released

  1. HDPagination 1.3.1 was released (1 messages)

    HDPagination is a framework library designed to simply coding of pagination search over large result set in J2EE web applications. 

    Version 1.3.1 introduces QueryCallbck wrapper classes to significantly simplify the way to generate instance of QueryCallbck.

    For more information about this version, visit our website http://www.hdpagination.org/

    See changelog for release information:

    Download the release bundle from http://www.hdpagination.org/
    or http://sourceforge.net/projects/hdpagination/

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    Wow, this framework is great. I've been working on pagination on different queries (dynamically generated) and criteria . Would try this out too.