Pushing data to clients using GWT,JMS and Websockets


News: Pushing data to clients using GWT,JMS and Websockets

  1. Using a GWT wrapper on top of the excellent http://jmesnil.net/stomp-websocket/doc/ Jeff Mesnil's Stomp javascript library we can create a pure java JMS  client for GWT.

    No need for polling or comet style messages, all you need is to listen to the correct channel.

    In the post, the author shows some code samples, and also discuss the benefits and flaws of this approach. It is just a proof of concept that may help others.

  2. according to Wikipedia:

    For the client side, WebSocket was to be implemented in Firefox 4, Google Chrome 4, Opera 11 and Safari 5, as well as the mobile version of Safari in iOS 4.2.[1] However, although present, support is now disabled by default in Firefox and Opera, due to concerns over security vulnerabilities.[2][3][4]

    What is the exact status of WebSocket today ?

  3. Chrome, Firefox 4, Safari - all support it. However, it's way to early to depend on it - only Chrome has support that doesn't suck.