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    It was April 2nd of last year that he resigned from Oracle, and almost a year later, James Gosling has taken up with another titan of the industry. A quick update on his blog, and James Gosling has announced to the world that he's taken up a position with Google.

    "Through some odd twists in the road over the past year, and a tardis encountered along the way, I find myself starting employment at Google today."

    Best of luck with your new employer, James. 


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    This is shocking.

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    Not really that shocking if you put yourself in Gosling's shoes. As sad as it is, there are only a few handful of places to go in order to get roles of a greater magnitude in Javaland except for Academics (the academic route was my best guess).

    Personally, I'm curious as to what exactly Gosling would be doing at Google going forward. Hopefully a little more than simply serving as a figure head (which is what I think Oracle was basically offering)?

    The best case scenario would be a burying of the hatchet between Oracle and Google over Andriod and perhaps working together to either evolve or replace Java ME but that might be a little too much to hope for...

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    Let's see if he can do somthing about this (http://nighthacks.com/roller/jag/entry/quite_the_firestorm):

    When Google came to us with their thoughts on cellphones, one of their core principles was making the platform free to handset providers. They had very weak notions of interoperability, which, given our history, we strongly objected to. Android has pretty much played out the way that we feared: there is enough fragmentation among Android handsets to significantly restrict the freedom of software developers.

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    Yep - that was what I was thinking as well. Clearly Gosling understands the compatibility issues with Android. Hopefully he can get Google to see the light, even if it means creating another "Java-like" language with a separate name/branding.

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    I don't think Google will care if he performs well or not.  I believe he is a walking billboard sign to Google branding.  Now... how do I join Google..? haha..maybe someday

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    Everybody knew that google will catch him as soon as he left oracle..................



    Now they can fork java if oracle will change the licence of java