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    To get some grip on the configuration of the Weblogic domains and servers at my current client, I created a tool that reads domain config files and translates them in a graph. I decided to solve this problem in Scala, mainly because I read about its powerful native XML parsing capabilities. Parsing XML turned out to be a total no-brainer, but I managed to learn something about how to solve problems the Scala way, so this is a story about Scala rather than parsing XML in Scala.

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  2. Pretty cool. But I want to ask this question that I had since Scala became popular.

    How is Scala going to be successful with source codes like this when there are still a lot of programmers still stragle with Java's minimalist syntax even though its been around for more then 15 years?


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    Agree - it's an excellent read on real-life Scala experience. Ours is somewhat different - but the conclusions are all the same.

    What I disagree w/Tsolak is that there are leagions of programmers

    who stragle with Java's minimalist syntax.

    I've never met anyone who was struggling with Java syntax. Concepts, APIs, frameworks - yes, but not the syntax. I think the whole "Scala is too complex" FUD has been debunk already...


    Nikita Ivanov.

    GridGain Systems.

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    Yea, I should have said language features instead just syntax. Though things like how to use synchronization or generics kind of falls into Java syntax.

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    Those who don't understand synchronization and generics in Java, won't understand it in Scala either.

  6. Its a great nwes. Thnaks for sharing