I am currently working on a blog where I am going to explain how to do cross-browser testing and performance analysis using dynaTrace. Before I am going to blog that How-To I want to share with you one thing that I have noticed when executing my tests in Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.6. Test execution times are very different – but – this is not because one browser is slower than the other. It is because Selenium has different synchronization mechanisms in IE and FF to e.g: wait for a page to be loaded.

My Environment

I run a simple test on the latest 2.0 Beta build of Selenium. The test executes the following steps:

  • Opens the homepage of my test application
  • Enters username and password and hits the Submit Button
  • Then clicks through 3 different pages by clicking on standard links

Execution Times over Time

I executed this test multiple times. In every test iteration I first execute the test on Internet Explorer 8 and then on Firefox 3.6

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