Tutorial: Android SQLite CRUD App


News: Tutorial: Android SQLite CRUD App

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    Android is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing platforms in the mobile space. Native Apps for this platform are written in the Java Programming Language. As part of my series of tutorials I would like to share the tutorial related to local data storage on the built-in SQLite database. The tutorial covers the following:

    • How to initialize a SQLite database for your App
    • How to manage the tables once the database is initialized
    • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations associated with the App.

    It comes with full source code of the App.

    Tutorial: http://code.google.com/p/openmobster/wiki/SQLiteCRUD


  2. It would be nice to include also an "How to ship an SQLite db". There are a lot of tutorials on how to extend SQLiteOpenHelper providing onCreate and onUpgrade methods and several proposed solutions on how to ship your already populated SQLite db with your application. I would appreciate some sort of guide lines or best practice about the latest.