IBM’s global startup competition ‘world tour’ called SmartCamp kicks off in Bangalore on April 27. Slots for India are now full, but there are still openings in the next leg of the competition in Austin.

Want some tips on how to get your startup selected?

Help build a smarter planet: Review the smarter planet constructs of Instrumented (think smartphones in people’s hands or sensors on things or laptops, etc.), Interconnected (think Internet or intranet or any form of network) and Intelligent (think analytics to help deal with loads of data) and see how you can fit your product, service, or solution into those. For more information about Smarter Planet, click here.

Fit your solution into the enterprise: Many startups find that they start with a consumer product, but can also find a very viable enterprise solution. If your solution isn’t focused on the business enterprise, see if you can find an enterprise use for it. You might be surprised to find out there actually is an enterprise solution.

Touch on a current hot topic: Hot topics are: analytics, government, education, healthcare, energy, utilities, transportation and social business. Analytics applied to any of these topics is a big one – it adds the intelligence into the solution.

Review last year’s finalists and winners: Check out a few of last year’s entries and winners to get a feel for what the judges are looking for: Streetline was last year’s World Champion. CareCloud and Sproxil are also good to look at. And to review all of last year’s finalists, click here.

Apply now for Austin, the deadline for applications is April 15. So hop to it! The slots fill up quickly and waiting until the last day might be too late. Procrastinate on your taxes, but not on SmartCamp.

You can take a look at all the Mentors that will be helping and get more information on the  five SmartCamp tips to help you get your Startup accepted.