The Sonar Team is pleased to announce the release of Sonar 2.7. This version focuses on providing further control on technical debt.

Prior to version 2.5, Sonar was really useful to assess application’s technical debt but was not so handy to manage its evolution over time. In Sonar 2.5 was added the ability to see metrics evolution and monitor the apparition of new violations over a period of time or since an event. A similar functionality has now been added with version 2.7 for code coverage by unit tests on new / updated source code. It is now possible to follow what percentage of changed code over a period of time is covered by unit tests.

To find out more, you can see the new release in screenshots [1]. On top of this feature, the release contains more than 40 improvements and bug-fixes [2]. To enjoy the new version, you can download it straight away [3]. 

- The Sonar Team 


[1] Sonar 2.7 in screenshots :

[2] Release notes :

[3] Download :