Vaadin 6.6 is Released


News: Vaadin 6.6 is Released

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    This means that the Vaadin default widgets can now handle the touch events supported by the latest devices like the iPhone, iPad as well as Android.

    Besides to touch support there are lot of other things. Most notable amongst these are:

    • New Filtering API for Vaadin Containers.

    • Updated to latest Google Web Toolkit 2.3

    • Nested bean properties in BeanItemContainer make it easy to create flat forms from nested bean data.

    • Lazy loading support for ComboBox

    • Support for custom communication managers enable features like WSRP and XS to be integrated.

    • Support IE9 in native mode and force IE8 rendering

    … and many many more. If interested you can always find more details in our release notes.

  2. disadvantage of that api[ Go to top ]

    Hi All,

    Recentaly I need crossbrowser api for making gui.
    from web I found api VAADIN.
    Its java based and me too.
    I want to ask that does it enough to build application.
    Is there any disadvantage of that api.

    <a href="husky" rel="nofollow">">husky tool boxes</a>

    Thanks in advance.