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    XpoLog released a new Log Analysis and Log Management Platform for Java Applications. The new version is available for download now at or

    XpoLog continue to develop an application and operation oriented analysis platform that can help to search, report and investigate applications faults.

    The new version brings cool stuff like:

    • Interactive Search engine for all logs and application data
    • Dynamic dashboards and gadgets for applications statistics and trends
    • Find out what application users are doing with applications with special analytics reports
    • Track threads, code, API calls and method execution errors
    • Out of the box analysis for Java based log types
    • Testing and QA reports on application errors generated in testing and production


    There are also some UI updates and more enhancements in the log viewer. You are welcome to visit us and also view our new video tutorials.

    We look forward hearing from you guys.

    The XpoLog Center Team


  2. We're using this software for quite a while, and recently was working on the new release 4.3. This new version is really interesting - search engine works very fast and the live dashboards are so easy to create and presents such a powerful analysis.

    Thank you!