JPPF 2.5: One Quarter of the Way to Being A Ten


News: JPPF 2.5: One Quarter of the Way to Being A Ten

  1. A new generic serialization framework enables developers to use non-serializable classes in their JPPF tasks. This is especially useful when using third party libraries whose source code is not available.

    Broadcast jobs bring the ability to run the same JPPF job on all available grid nodes

    Class loading performance enhancements: a new class definition cache on the server brings improved node startup time and faster job execution.

    Administration console enhancements:
    - elements are now sorted in the tree views
    - ability to reset the server statistics
    - rendering and display fixes and enhancements

    Data grid integration: the real-time portfolio updates sample now uses Hazelcast as its distributed data fabric.

    New integration sample: embedding a FTP server and client, demonstrates how Apache ftpd server can be embedded within a JPPF server, and how FTP client APIs can access it from a JPPF task.

    New sample: parallel N-body problem implementation, a JPPF-based implementation of the N-body problem applied to anti-protons trapped in a magnetic field.

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  2. A quarter to ten? I like it :)

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    I'm glad you saw the humour in it. The comment wasn't meant to be disparaging at all - just mildly witty.