After over two years of development from over 30 contributors, the jclouds team are happy to announce release of jclouds 1.0.0!

This release supports 30 cloud providers as well as cloud service software such as OpenStack, Eucalyptus, and vCloud. As we move forward we will use semantic versioning, so based on the version, you'll be able to tell whether it is a minor tweak vs new functionality.

jclouds 1.0.0 is available from maven central, and if you need help getting jars, please refer to our install guide. You can also follow any of our 10 examples, if you'd like a walk-through on how common features work!

There are a lot of new features in jclouds 1.0.0. Here are the highlights.

  • Broader Support for providers including Ninefold Storage and OpenStack Nova
  • AdminAccess.standard() which installs your login on compute clouds with zero config
  • OSGi support including Karaf integration
  • Enhanced BlobStore including public acl support, multipart uploads and BlobBuilder
  • Revamped clojure bindings more notably compute2 and blobstore2 namespaces
  • Queriable cloud provider metadata including friendly names, doc links, and locations

Find the team on irc freenode #jclouds and tell them what you like/don't like. If you're interested in participating in what's next, drop us a line on the google group

If you'd like to read more into these features, check out our blog post!