June 14, 2011 - Habarisoft is pleased to announce release 1.8 of Habari
OpenMQ Client for the OpenMQ message broker.

   Habari OpenMQ Client is a library for Delphi and Free Pascal which
provides easy access to OpenMQ, a freely available and highly performing
JMS server broker. With this library, Delphi developers can build
integrated solutions, using the peer-to-peer or the publish and
subscribe communication model. Habari OpenMQ Client supports OpenMQ
versions 4.4 and 4.5, Delphi 6 to XE and Free Pascal, and follows the
specification of the JMS API for Message Oriented Middleware. OpenMQ is
also the default JMS provider in the GlassFish(tm) v3 Java EE
application server.

New in Habari OpenMQ Client release 1.8:

* Support for durable subscriptions: If a client needs to receive all
the messages published on a topic, including the ones published while
the subscriber is inactive, it uses a durable TopicSubscriber
* Support for object exchange using NativeXml
* Tested with OpenMQ 4.5, Free Pascal 2.4.4 and Indy 10.5.8.rev4639
* Improved object message exchange
* New frame decoder
* Support for NoLocal flag, it inhibits the delivery of messages by its
own connection
* Many minor enhancements and fixes (see "Getting Started")

Habari JMS Client libraries home page:

Feature matrix:

Thank you for your interest in Habari JMS Client libraries!
Michael Justin
habarisoft - Enterprise Messaging Software for Delphi®