Spring Framework 3.1 M2 has been released past week. This new release is the last milestone, and next versions will be tagged as RC.

This new version completes the work started in M1, and adds new functionalities.

To summarize them we can name:

  • Java-based application configuration approach has changed from the @Featureapproach in M1 to @Enable* annotations (I will talk about this in next post).
  • Cache abstraction has been revised.
  • A new "packagesToScan" feature for JPA.
  • REST support refinements with respect to URI templates.
  • Many more refinements.

In current post I will talk about one new feature that will allow us to configure Spring Web MVCapplication without web.xml.

With Servlet 3.0 specification, web.xml is not required anymore, you can configure your servlets using @WebServlet annotation. Prior to Spring 3.1DispatcherServlet should be declared and configured in web.xml, so although our application was deployed using Servlet 3.0 specification,web.xml was "a must". With Spring 3.1, things are different. You can useWebApplicationInitializer approach for bootstrapping a Spring web application without web.xml.

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