Are you wondering what exactly is this, this interface.h or this icon.png in your repository? Do you remember where these components come from? Do you remember the license of this component you used last autumn? Antepedia gives answers to all of these issues.

Antepedia is the open source project search engine, powered by Antelink. It enables you to find the component found on different forges and repositories such as Sourceforge, Googlecode or the Maven Central repository. The knowledge base contains more than 205.000.000 files and is the largest knowledge base of open source projects.

The Antepedia search engine displays the license of the open source components you are using, and finds back where it comes from. The search engine can give you key information when you need to upgrade and when you look for support from the project community.

So, about this Antepedia can tell you it is actually a source file of the Spring framework. You can even share this information with your colleague using the Antepedia permalink!

Check out the full article to know how to find the origin of your open source files with Antepedia.