Of course Java-monitor already worked fine for Resin, sending free outage notifications via e-mail or SMS and showing heap memory graphs. Now we added Resin's HTTP and database connection pools to the monitored resources. Java-monitor shows you how many HTTP threads your Resin server has and how many database connections are allocated and active.

One of our testers discovered that his production machine was configured to have a maximum of two (2) database connections. Woops. Just helping us test the new probe before the release helped him resolve a bottleneck and potential production incident. See http://java-monitor.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1429 for the graph he saw.

If you have Resin and never tried Java-monitor, give it a spin. Java-monitor will show you the database connections, http client pool and of course you can receive e-mail and SMS notifications when your server goes off-line. Just sign up at http://java-monitor.com/forum/index.php and download your probe. You will be up and running with Java-monitor.com in 5 minutes. See http://java-monitor.com/install.html for installation instructions and troubleshooting guide.

If you are familiar with Java-monitor and your Resin servers are already instrumented with our probe, just download and replace the probe WAR file with the latest version.

Edited by: Cameron McKenzie on Jun 23, 2011 8:30 AM