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    BIRT 3.7 is now available and with this release many improvements and new features are available. BIRT 3.7 now provides a new POJO based runtime for ease of deployment when using the BIRT Viewer or the Report Engine.  Open Document Text (ODT), Open Document Presentation (ODP), and Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) outputs are also available with the addition of three new emitters. BIRT now provides support for Hadoop through a new Open Data Access Driver (ODA) that allows the developer to build queries using Hive Query Language (HQL) using the designer GUI.

    To read more about the new features in BIRT 3.7, see

    To download BIRT 3.7 visit the BIRT download site.


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  2. Link broken[ Go to top ]

    Hey Jason, 

    The link to the 3.7 features gives 404 error......

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    Can you spot the error ;-)

  4. Its not the best to have the main link of an article broken no matter how trivial the fix is...

  5. Link Fixed...[ Go to top ]

    I fixed the link. There is an annoyance in the fact that you can't edit the original link after it's posted. :(

  6. Maven 2 Support ?[ Go to top ]

    When will BIRT libraries be published on a Maven 2 repository ? Another version and nothing have been done about it.