Grails includes an ORM layer (GORM) built on top of Hibernate and the principal feature of this plugin is to provide a seamless integration with it. The plugin also assists with creating UI elements and providing SmartClient-enhanced scaffolding.

This articles serves as a starting point for developers looking to begin using this integration. It assumes familiarity with Grails, SmartClient & the Grails GWT integration. This release is a preview so it hasn’t undergone the normal QA process that our normal releases include, at this point we’re looking for developer feedback.

Plugin featuresAutomated SmartClient deployment

SmartClient DataSource generation from Grails Domain Classes

Groovy DSL to generate/manipulate custom Component Schema

Automatic mapping of Grails domain class validators to SmartClient validators

Full CRUD support including AdvancedCriteria queries, paging and sorting (through an included Custom Server DataSource)

rails Tag Libraries to assist with the loading of

DataSource and UI components

SmartGWT based scaffold generation.

Grails users looking to create Rich Internet Applications should have this on their radar.  

An introductory blog post including a scaffolding tutorial is available here.

Edited by: Cameron McKenzie on Jun 29, 2011 11:19 AM