I am working for a product. It is a J2EE project. Now, there is a requirement that we need to call a Webservice to get a document associated to a person entity. Now this requirement itself is specific to one customer (out of 100s customers). Besides, even if other clients need this, they would have a different Webservice (i.e. different WSDL, etc) for the same document acquisition task.

I am no expert other than just reading couple books about Webservices. I do not want to add Web Service client code into the product. I created Webservice client using Axis2 and tested it.

I thought about creating an Interface in our product so that the implementation gets packaged with the Webservice client. Basically like a wrapper around the Webservice client. Is this a valid simple approach that does not harm standards.

Similarly I looked into Spring IOC. I am not sure if this is too much for implementing a "detached" Webservice client.

As always, due to time restrictions, without having done anything with Spring in the past, I am looking for standard ideas and/or a simple approach possible (at least for this release).

Advance thanks for your time and suggestions