Logical Objects is pleased to announce the immediate availability of LogicalDOC Enterprise 6.2

LogicalDOC is a Web-based Document Management System (DMS) based on successful open source technology (GWT +Spring +Hibernate +Lucene).

Thanks to its intuitive interface, LogicalDOC transforms complex operations into easy tasks. It allows the storage, organization, versioning and use of all kind of files and documents within an user friendly interface.

Although this is a maintenance release it introduces some new interesting features.
Chief among these is the ability to configure the repository of the documents as compressed and encrypted. This will save space to store documents and ensure, where needed, the security of the information contained in the documents.

Another change to note are the improvements to the preview of documents, thanks to the new component it is possible to display a preview of high quality of the most widely used types of documents (Office, PDF, images, and email).

Finally we mention the ability to perform progressive queries, gradually refining the results. In practice, the user can perform the second search only on the subset of the results from the first one.

View the feature highlights of LogicalDOC 6.2

For a more detailed list you can also go to Release notes for LogicalDOC 6.2

The LogicalDOC development Team