I am trying to develop a JXWS client to access a webservice hosted on CICS.

I got the wsdl and related xsd's and used wsimport to generate all the classes, after referencing them locally. 
I use wsimport to generate objects from the local version of the wsdl's adn related xsd's.

The issue I am facing, incase of Mainframe hosted webservices the end point URL would have a context root...


Normally If we try pasting this URL in a browser or use http://beta.something.com/asdfa/CICS/sdfdsd?wsdl we would only get the message internal server error 500.

But if a proper xml is constructed and fired through SOAP UI at this URL we can see a response.

When a JXWS client needs to be written, the code runs like this...

Public class TestClientService extends Service

static {

Qname = x;

URL = y;


TestClientService(URL url, Qname qname) {

super(url, qname);


TestClientService() {

super(seturl, setqname);


Proxy getProxy() {

return proxy;


The problem here being if we try to instantiate this client class through any of the valid constructors, it throws the nasty exception the webservice is not found...on two attempts on the first execution itself


This wsdl urls can be overridden using BindingConverter object but the program ain't reaching the point itself. Its getting broken as soon as the client gets initialized in the constructor itself and throws a internal server error...

Is there any way to access a webservice hosted on CICS which do not display a wsdl in the browser but provides only context root URL?