In an announcement by the ASF this morning, Apache Tomcat 5.5, originally released August 31, 2004, will reach its end of life on September 30, 2012. 

What does this mean to users that are currently on Tomcat 5.5? According to the announcement, it means after September 30, 2012:

  • releases from the 5.5.x branch are highly unlikely
  • bugs affecting only the 5.5.x branch will not be addressed
  • security vulnerability reports will not be checked against the 5.5.x branch

Three months later, after December 31st, 2012 the project will be archived, and the download pages will be deleted and the bugzilla will become read-only.

Users interested in upgrading to a more recent version, should consult the Migration documentation from the Apache Software Foundation.

To see the complete announcement, see today's post: End of Life Announced for Apache Tomcat 5.5