PrimeFaces 3.0.M3 Released


News: PrimeFaces 3.0.M3 Released

  1. PrimeFaces 3.0.M3 Released (2 messages)

    • New component: TimeLine
    • New component: FeedReader
    • New component: Sheet
    • New component: Subtable
    • New Chart Types: Donut, Bubble, MeterGauge, OHLC and Area.
    • Reimplemented AccordionPanel (Multiple selection, dynamic tab model)
    • Reimplemented TabView (Closable tabs, dynamic tab model)
    • Reimplemented Tooltip
    • Reimplemented ThemeSwitcher
    • Reimplemented Carousel
    • Reimplemented Dialog (Minimizable, Maximizable, Lazy mode)
    • Reimplemented ConfirmDialog
    • Reimplemented AutoComplete (dropdown mode, customizable content)
    • Reimplemented TreeTable (Ajax toggling, scrollable, resizable, events)
    • Improved support for multiple PrimeFaces portlets.
    • Important fixes to LazyLoading DataTable.
    • Introduced rowKey and SelectableDataModel for enhanced DataTable selection.
    • Customizable content for picklist.
    • Circle and Rectangle support for GMap.
    • ContextMenu integration with tree, treeTable and dataTable.
    • Scrolling improvements for datatable like horizontal scrolling and col resize.
    • MetaKey and Shift key support for multiple selection in datatable.
    • Major maintenance on fileUpload component.
    • Charting features like interactive legend, text rotation and more.

    See full list of changelog for detailed information and visit downloads section to try the new milestone. To assist PrimeFaces community during migration, we’ve initiated the 3.0 migration guide at PrimeFaces Wiki. Also up to date tag/attribute documentation is back in facelet taglib so your favorite IDEs can display quick documentation about tags and attributes via code completion. Please note that PrimeFaces User’s Guide for 3.0 will be available along with PrimeFaces 3.0 final release.


    M3 is the last milestone release, next version will be 3.0.RC1 followed by 3.0 final featuring new ajax push features aka Prime Push, major updates and enhancements to PrimeFaces Mobile, a couple of new components like orderList and major maintenance. We aim to fix all the defect reports in our issue tracker by 3.0.RC1. Tentative release date of 3.0.RC1 is early november.


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