The following error occured 
javax.transaction.TransactionRolledbackException: BEA1-08535ED802BF1D73B672: weblogic.ejb.OptimisticConcurrencyException: [EJB:010143]Optimistic concurrency violation. Instance of bean 'CustomerEntityBean' with primary key '1091' was changed by another transaction. 

please help resolve the above issue. 
code :: 


if (depositSrv == null) 

depositSrv = new AccountModuleServiceUtil().getDepositAccountService(token); 

depositSrv.createAndActivateDepositAccountForDefaultProduct(acctData, token); 

catch (BusinessServiceException ex) 

String[] params = { token.getId() }; 
params, ex); 
throw new BusinessServiceException(ex); 

if (customerData instanceof PrivatecustomerData) 

PrivatecustomerData data = (PrivatecustomerData) participator; 
custServiceLocal.activatePersonalCustomer(data, token); 
if (this.logger.isDebugEnabled()) 

String[] params = { token.getId(), "Returning data:" + data }; 
this.logger.logDebug(UtilModule.DEBUG_KEY_IN_METHOD, params); 

return data; 

As the above error happened because of version no being updated by an another transaction.. I've tried to modified the version no too.. 

please help me out friends...