restSQL 0.7 release adds role-based access control


News: restSQL 0.7 release adds role-based access control

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    Version 0.7 of restSQL, an open-source persistence framework, was released on September 15, 2011. The release adds resource authorization capability, ensuring users only access the SQL Resources and methods appropriate to their assigned role(s). It uses standard HTTP Basic or Digest authentication and standard JEE web app declarative security mechanisms. Credentials and role assignments are provided by a standard Realm plugin, which could be file-, RDBMS- or LDAP-based. Role to SQL Resource and request type assignments are provided via a simple configuration file.

    See for an overview, developer documentation and binary distributions of the framework and the SDK. The source code is licensed under MIT and hosted on github.
    restSQL is a very unconventional, ultra-lightweight data access layer. For many applications, conventional ORM is heavyweight and inflexible, and conventional Web Services (WSDL/SOAP) are cumbersome. restSQL substantially lightens the middle-tier. It is targeted at the 80% of data access that is basic CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete), making it faster and simpler to develop distributed applications.

    restSQL is not an object-oriented view of the database. It presents flat or hierarchical "views" of relational database tables. These views are query-able and updatable through a simple REST-based HTTP or Java API. The HTTP interface is based on REST principles, which use HTTP’s built-in features, rather than abstracting away from them.

    restSQL - Trim your middle!

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  2. very nice[ Go to top ]

    exposing RDBMS via REST should be useful for a lot of applications.


    if it can provide OData support would be even more awesome ! (is it planned feature?)

  3. restSQL and searching[ Go to top ]

    restSQL looks very interesting, compliments! How would the search function be implemented, using restSQL? What would be an integration scenario, using Lucene?