The latest version of open source Sonar – platform to manage quality – now detects code duplications accross projects

Sonar – developped and promoted by SonarSource – has become a must-have in Software Factories of any mature development projects. Massively adopted by IT organizations, the Sonar platform provides Continuous Inspection capability on application portfolio to track quality defects and report them into customizable dashboards (test coverage, duplications, architecture integrity, rule compliance, complexity, etc.). Used by many large corporations, Sonar performs analysis on billions lines of code... daily.

What's hot in this release?

  • Cross-Project Detection of Code Duplication: so far the detection of copy paste code was only done inside a project. Thanks to GSoC, Sonar has now got its own Copy-Paste Detection that is very scalable and can detect cross-projects duplications.

  • TimeMachine 2.0, the ability to replay the past has been greatly improved and is now fully part of dashboards as it is widget based. This means that the evolution of any metric can be tracked along with the dashboard. And in order to not display irelevant analysis, it is now possible to removed them

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Sonar in action:


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SonarSource is the Swiss IT company that provides solutions for Software Quality Continuous Inspection. With more than 150 customers worldwide, SonarSource is strongly committed to make quality tooling available to the many and to improve governance on development projects.

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