JavATE 0.8 - The Domain Driven Design framework enters the NoSQL stream


News: JavATE 0.8 - The Domain Driven Design framework enters the NoSQL stream

  1. JavATE, the Java Application Tiered Engine is a set of open source Java libraries that enables application development inspired by domain driven design.

    It gives you standard interfaces and implementations for the domain driven design building blocks so you can focus on your strategic design instead of reinventing the wheel of the building blocks each time.

    JavATE has always supported persistence on relational databases using Hibernate. Now JavATE 0.8 adds MongoDB and JCR support.

    On the project site you will find details and a basic and advanced tutorial.

    If you already knows JavATE and want details on MongoDB support check out this article

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  2. Where is the gain?[ Go to top ]

    I really tried to understand what your framework is offering, but when I looked at the Beginner's guide, I saw nothing about a domain drive framework. Instead I saw tons of boiler-plate code and quite a bit of configuration.

    In short: I could as well use a regular persistence framework and be done with it.

    From a domain driven design framework I would expect a lot of convenience, a more declarative style of development and a lot less code.


  3. Where is the gain?[ Go to top ]

    Hi Jochen,

    good comment, but the real problem is not in the framework but in the documentation.

    The Basic Example remained the same from release 0.1

    Probably I have to work more on the documentation than on the code.

    As someone said: "A feature does not exists if it is not well documented"

  4. Not meant to be harsh[ Go to top ]


    As it currently is, I have to incentive to use JavATE.

    There might be great ideas in it, but they don't show yet.

    Good luck in your endevour though. I'm always excited to hear about new ways to improve productivity.