• New component, OrderList.
  • New component, SummaryRow.
  • Aristo replaced Sam as the built-in theme and Sam is available as a downloadable theme.
  • PrimeFaces Push Part I.
  • Reimplemented menu, menubar, menubutton, contextMenu and scrollPanel as native widgets and remove wijmo.
  • Reimplemented paginator as a native widget and removed yui. Paginator was the last yui based widget.
  • Intelligent positioning for overlay components like autocomplete, menus using viewport information. (e.g. window resize).
  • Customizable Resource Ordering.
  • No more Hidden Container Mismatch.
  • Dynamic Resource Loading.
  • Merged resources to improve page load performance.
  • Fixed dead scripts issue that caused unexplained issues.
  • Different context menu types for different tree-treeTable nodes.
  • Fixes on Tree-TreeTable event and input processing.
  • More lightweight than ever as a result of resource enhancements and removal of big client side dependencies like wijmo and yui.

See the full changelog and see the updated migration guide for detailed information.

M4 release is available at downloads page and maven repository. Click here for more information.

User’s Guide
We are glad to announce that in 1-2 weeks, we’ll be providing the first draft of new user’s guide of 3.0 covering the M4 release, of course free.

Themes 1.0.2 Release
PrimeFaces Theme Project 1.0.2 also has been released featuring the new versions of 30+ themes. Please note that 1.0.2 themes are only compatible with PrimeFaces M4 and newer whereas Themes 1.0.0-1.0.1 are compatible with PrimeFaces 2.2 and PrimeFaces 3.0.M1-M2-M3.

Issue Tracker
At the moment, we are going through all unreviewed issue tickets(defect reports, enhancements, feature requests) created by PrimeFaces users, review them and set target milestones if necessary. Please note that label 3.FUTURE means the issue will be looked in detail after 3.0 final release. We’ve finished half of the issues and half remains. When we are done soon, it will give us and PrimeFaces community a clear roadmap of any known issues and upcoming feature requests.

M4 is the last milestone of 3.0 and next version is 3.0.RC1 followed by 3.0 final. Our estimate is early december for the 3.0.RC1 release. Pending tasks are;

  • After issue tracker review completes, implement issues targeting 3.0.RC1.
  • Major PrimeFaces Mobile enhancemenets.
  • PrimeFaces Push Part II – Integration with JMS.

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