Restricting Delegate Classloading for Resource Adaptor


General J2EE: Restricting Delegate Classloading for Resource Adaptor

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    I have an EAR application contains multilple EJB's and single Resource Adaptor. My EJB depends on some JARs which are under 'lib' directory. 

    Now the problem is that I have a JAR 'abc.jar' which present under my 'my.ear/lib' directory as well as under my Resource Adaptor i.e. 'my.ear/plugin-ra.rar#abc.jar' both are same but I want my Resource Adaptor to use the one which is inside my 'my.ear/plugin-ra.rar' instead of one under 'my.ear/lib' as this JAR loads my plugin present under Resource Adaptor.

    Is there anyway I can configure my RA to use 'delegate=false', as this behaivour differs from Application Server to Application. The same code currently working fine on jBoss 4.2.3GA but fails on Glassfish, WebSphere and WebLogic.

    Your comments and help will be appreciated.





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    Did anyone come across this before?