ZK 6 RC now officially released bringing us to an even higher level of productivity in development with new features, upgrades and performance improvements including the adoption of generics and Java 1.5, a next generation data binding system, jQuery & CSS3 style server-side selectors, advanced templates, upgrades to jQuery 1.6.4 and many more.

According to our git repo statistics, it is calculated that approximately 100,000 lines of code have been changed between branches five and six. The new data binding system introduced in ZK 6 – ZK Bind, overhauling specifications and implementations providing users with more ease, flexibility, and feature rich data binding system whilst keeping controllers under clean annotation expression consistent with that of Java’s annotation style.

New features and functionalities of ZK 6 RC includes but not limited to the following:

  • Generic Enhancements
  • ZK Bind
  • jQuery & CSS style server-side selectors
  • Advanced templates
  • Upgrade to jQuery  1.6.4
  • Menubar supporting KeyStroke navigation
  • Combobutton
  • Selectbox, Absolutelayout, Anchorlayout now in CE

For more detailed information on ZK 6, please visit the release note, upgrade note or download it right away!