Easy Java Persistence (EJP) 3.5 has been released, and it is huge! This release fixes all known issues. All functionality/features have been thoroughly tested on every major database platform (Oracle, DB2, PostgreSql, Mysql, SQL Server, HSQL, H2, and Derby).

This release features more than a dozen new examples, that show how to do just about everything that’s possible with a database. Everything from handling blobs to working with transactions. This release also adds support for stored procedures, and dealing with multiple results.

Overview of Easy Java Persistence and JDBC Toolbox

Easy Java Persistence (EJP) is a configuration and annotation free Java persistence Framework that allows you to use normal (true) POJO classes to interact with your database.

EJP is an A-O/RM (automatic object/relational mapping) persistence framework. Any class can be mapped to data returned from queries provided it has methods that can be matched to columns in the result data. And any class that can be matched to a table in your database can be mapped, saved (insert), and persisted, allowing for more saves (updates). Objects don’t belong to any EJP instance, and they never expire.

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