The LogicalDOC development team is happy to announce the immediate availability of LogicalDOC CE 6.3.2

You can get this distribution in tomcat-bundle archive from SourceForge:

LogicalDOC is a Web-based Document Management System (DMS) based on open source technology (GWT +Spring +Hibernate +Lucene).
Thanks to its intuitive interface, LogicalDOC transforms complex operations into easy tasks.
It allows the storage, organization, versioning and use of all kind of files and documents within an user friendly interface.

- Japanese and Czech support
- Fixed update user details update procedure
- Optimized PDF conversion speed
- Upgraded the component for the preview of documents
- Preview for TIFF and GIF images
- Better thumbnail presentation
- Confirmation prompt when moving items/folders

You can use the dedicated Issue tracker to report errors or feature requests.

Please contribute to the internationalization of LogicalDOC by using the translation platform described in the Wiki

If you want you can also start discussions on

The LogicalDOC development Team