Hi !

I did a little reasearch on JMS functionality, doing some tests etc., but kinda stuck on one issue.

Let's say I have one application server with single service running and not aware of how many clients will send data to it. What my goal is, that each client sends data to application server 'listening' queue, and received its own response. The easiest way would be to have 3 queues for each client (or 6 for send-receive split). But then, I have to stop application server in order to add 4th client.

Second option would be that each client has its own receiving queue, and it put's this info within the JMS packet, so the application server would know where to deliver response.

Now my question is, whether I can use just two queues, App2Client and Client2App. Clients would all send packet to Client2App queue, and Application server would return response to App2Client.

Is it possible to put some info within the JMS control fields, so the filtering can be made within the JMS MQ Server which would deliver data to proper client back ? I've read somewhere there are some fields like tagid etc..