Implementing Active Record Pattern with AOP.


News: Implementing Active Record Pattern with AOP.

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    During class design we should take decisions about the assignment of responsibilities that will have every class. If we have chosen well, systems tend to be easier to understand, maintain and extend.

    Almost all of our projects have a persistence layer, either relational database, document stores, or simply XML files. And typically you will use DAO pattern to implement abstract interface between your business objects and your data store.

    In this post but I am going to explain another pattern that can be used instead of DAO pattern. Active record pattern is an architectural pattern that force you to implement CRUD operations on your model  class, hence model class itself is responsible for saving, deleting, loading from database.

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  2. Totally impractical[ Go to top ]

    Doing this "by hand" is completely impractical/unmaintainable. Use Spring's Roo or equivalent (not aware of any) which does all this for you.  Even then, I think it would be quite difficult to maintain and debug.

  3. ActiveJDBC is ActiveRecord for Java[ Go to top ]

    Have  you seen this: