The Java Persistence API (JPA) is the Java API for the management of persistence for Java environments. Versant now offers a JPA 2.0 implementation that provides a proven, commercial quality persistence solution that can be used with Versant Object Database (VOD) in Java applications. The JPA project will deliver persistence services that focus on performance, productivity, and flexibility, providing an extensible framework that enables Java software developers to interact with VOD in an efficient and productive manner.

The Versant JPA Technical Preview is not feature complete. Versant will have a Beta release available by April 2012.

Current features:

  • J2SE Persistence
  • JPQL (subset)
  • Object Lifecycle mechanisms (persist, remove, refresh, detach, merge and cascading)
  • Transaction management
  • Runtime enhancement of entity classes
  • Automatic schema evolution

For more information and a chance to download the installer please visit: