Axosoft, a privately held software company located in Scottsdale, Arizona, has announced the latest release of OnTime. With the latest release of OnTime, users are able to easily switch between Agile / Scrum and traditional terminology. This allows for scrum teams and traditional users to get started quickly in OnTime. With the Agile / Scrum terminology selected, rather than referring to items as Features, OnTime will refer to items as User Stories. 

Other new powerful features added to this release include the ability for users to see a confirmation of their last change, along with the option to undo. It also introduces Quick Add for items and users. New administrators and users will now also be provided with a fully interactive tutorial system to help them get started smoothly.

Using Agile / Scrum Terminology:
Users creating a new OnTime database will be given the choice of using Traditional or Agile / Scrum terminology. This option simplifies the setup for scrum and agile teams. The flexibility to customize terminology has always been in the OnTime system, however, it was not always easy to figure out or discoverable. As always, users can customize terminology further through OnTime's system options.

A New Tutorial System:
When new users log in, OnTime will now provide a quick, interactive lesson that will help new users get started with OnTime. The tutorial covers basics like creating projects, releases, items, subitems, adding users, as well as general setup and administrative features. More advanced topics are triggered later, after administrators and users have used the system for some time. 

Confirmation and Undo:
With the new drag-and-drop functionality that was introduced in 11.1, users are able to select multiple items and drag them to a team member, project, or release. This action instantly reassigns those items. With the new confirmation box, If a user drags the items to the wrong user, project, or release by mistake, the option to undo the last action will be shown for 30 seconds in the confirmation box.

Quick Add:
Adding several features (or user stories) into OnTime can be done with the new Quick Add shortcut. When users press [C] to add a new item, the new Quick Add form immediately opens up giving them the ability to quickly add the title. Additionally, the Quick Add form has the ability to show required fields. Quick Add also speeds up the process of adding Releases and Team Members (users). 

Improved Appearance / User Experience:
The add and edit forms have a refreshed look with a new always-visible lower location for the dialog buttons. The attachments section, comments section, and dialog buttons have also been improved. Users can now use [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [S] to save changes in the add and edit forms without having to use their mouse. Two additional keyboard shortcuts have been added: [Z] for undo and [ / ] to search.

Hamid Shojaee, Founder and CEO of Axosoft said, "It's been less than 45 days since the release of OnTime 11.1, and we already have another substantial release with many new features. There are over 40 improvements in this update focused on improving the user experience."

OnTime is used by more than 100,000 software developers (in ISV, consulting, IT and other organizations) throughout 55 countries. OnTime is used in organizations like Verifone, EA Sports, Disney, the United States Army, Lego, Cox and Intel. The product is offered in a hosted, cloud environment (SaaS) or can be installed.

More information about OnTime 11.2 can be found at

Axosoft, founded in 2002, is a leading provider of bug tracking and agile project management software. Its flagship product, OnTime, is widely acclaimed for its comprehensive set of features, flexibility and ease-of-use. Used by over 8,500 dev teams around the world and winner of numerous industry-recognized awards, OnTime is provided as a hosted, cloud-based application (SaaS) or as an installed application. Users access OnTime via any of the following clients: Web browser, mobile browser, a Visual Studio plug-in, or Eclipse plugin-in. OnTime is available free for 2 users at