You never develop code without version control, why do you develop your database without it?Flyway  is database-independent library for tracking, managing and applying database changes.

Personally I find that using a database migration tool like Flyway is "a must", because covers two scenarios of our software life-cycle:

  • Multiple developers developing an application with continuous integration.
  • Multiple clients each one with different versions of production code.

Let's start with first point. If your project is big enough there will be more than one developer working on it, each one developing a new feature. Each feature may require a database update (adding a new table, a new constraint, ...), so developer creates a .sql file with all required changes.

After each developer finishes its work, these changes are merged into main branch andintegration/acceptance tests are executed on test machine. And the problem is obvious which process updates testing database? And how? QA department executes sql files manually? Or we develop a program that executes these updates automatically? And in what order must be executed? Also same problem arises in production environment.

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